Jun 20

Sky Report June 22 – June 28

M83 - Southern Pinwheel Galaxy

All the planetary action is in the morning sky, so if you want to see a planet this month the best strategy is to get up early, when it’s nice and cool, and enjoy the sight of four planets plus the summer Milky Way. The easiest-to-see planets are Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars, in that order […]

Jun 14

Sky Report June 15 – June 21

Sunday June 20 is the summer solstice – the first day of summer. This day marks the sun’s northernmost rising and setting points and it’s the longest day (14 hours 37 minutes in Kanab) with the earliest sunrise and latest sunset. We have seasons because our earth is tilted in our orbit around the sun, so from […]

Jun 7

Sky Report June 8 – June 14

M83 - Southern Pinwheel Galaxy

This week three planets are visible, all in the morning sky. The best time to look is in the hour or so before dawn, and then you’ll see, from west to east, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. They are all low in the south and southeast where they’re less than a third of the way up […]

Jun 1

Sky Report June 1 – June 7

M83 - Southern Pinwheel Galaxy

Last month we watched Venus disappear from the evening sky, to be replaced briefly by little Mercury. Mercury is a poor substitute, being both fainter and closer to the horizon, and whereas Venus dominated the early evening sky it’s a challenge to even see Mercury and most people never have. This is your chance. Mercury […]

May 25

Sky Report May 25 – May 31

M83 - Southern Pinwheel Galaxy

The sole planet in the evening sky is little Mercury – an elusive planet that most people have never seen. It’s hard to see because it orbits close to the sun, so it never strays far from the sun and it can be seen only shortly after sunset in the evening sky or shortly before […]

May 22

Sky Report May 18 – May 24

M83 - Southern Pinwheel Galaxy

This week there are two planets in the evening sky: Venus, which has been brilliant all winter and which is leaving us, and Mercury, much fainter, which is making a brief appearance. Venus will guide you to Mercury. To find Venus, look a bit to the right of due west as the sky is growing […]

May 11

Sky Report May 11 – May 17

M83 - Southern Pinwheel Galaxy

Venus has been the “Evening Star” star since October, and regular star-gazers have gotten used to seeing it high in the west after sunset, but enjoy it while you can – this month it disappears, and in June it reappears in the morning sky where we’ll call it the “Morning Star”. To early people this […]

May 4

Sky Report May 4 – May 10

M83 - Southern Pinwheel Galaxy

Venus dominates this month’s Sky Reports just as it dominates the evening sky. You’ll find it in the southwest as the sky grows dark. Venus, aka “The Evening Star”, has graced our evening sky since October, but this month it makes a plunge; it’s noticeably lower night by night and it disappears from view by […]

Apr 30

Sky Report April 27 – May 3

M83 - Southern Pinwheel Galaxy

This is the second of a series of weekly Sky Reports that alert people to what they can see in the night sky by simply stepping outdoors and looking up, perhaps with a pair of binoculars. The sky is always changing and a lot is happening if you know what to look for. As the […]

Apr 19

Sky Report April 20-26

Kanab Night Sky April 20-26

The first “star” to appear after sunset tonight is the poetically named “Evening Star” – the planet Venus. Venus appears high in the southwest as the sky grows dark, and it outshines every other object in the sky (except the moon) until it sets in the west sometime before midnight. The planet Venus is about […]