Dec 23

Newsletter – December 23, 2019


Hello Friends of Kanab’s Stellar Vista Observatory! We are pleased to deliver this newsletter, Volume 1, Number 2 from the Stellar Vista Observatory providing information to donors, supporters, working group members and friends. With these bi-annual updates, we aim to keep you informed on how Kanab’s observatory project is progressing as well as engagement opportunities […]

Nov 30

Local students view Mercury Transit

Mercury Transit

This past Monday, local amateur astronomers set up solar filtered telescopes at several schools for students to observe the transit of the planet Mercury across the surface of the Sun. This incredible opportunity allowed students to experience the nature of science by witnessing an event in real time. Telescopes were set up at Valley High, […]

Oct 9

You Can’t Truly Understand a Light Year

Star Trails

The dry desert air cools as the sun sets from behind while driving east toward Kanab along 389. Ahead, the steps of the Grand Staircase can be seen ascending from the depths of the Grand Canyon upward toward the sky spires of Bryce Canyon. The occasional car or SUV is passed, pulled over, flashers on, […]

Aug 1

Kanab Library Star Party a Hit!

Star Party

On Monday night, 7/29, families with children and residents of all ages turned out in numbers to see planets and distant sky objects through telescopes in the back parking lot of the Kanab City Library. The City of Kanab graciously agreed to turn off outdoor lighting at the skate park and basketball field for the […]

Jul 14

Newsletter – July 14, 2019


Hello Friends of Kanab’s Stellar Vista Observatory; we want to keep in touch with you! This is the first official newsletter of the Stellar Vista Observatory (SVO). It’s meant to keep you informed on how Kanab’s observatory project is progressing as well as community engagement opportunities we offer. This is the historic, Volume 1, Number […]

Dec 7

Group Pursues Astronomical Observatory for Kanab – Holds 1st Star Party on December 7

Star Party

Area residents and visitors are invited to a special star party fundraiser at the Kane County Water Conservancy Building, 725 E. Kaneplex Drive in Kanab, Utah. On Friday, December 7, activities will begin in the large conference room at 7:00pm with a multimedia presentation by retired professional astronomer Von Del Chamberlain detailing the astonishing wonders […]