SVO will offer learning events for residents and visitors of all ages and backgrounds, collaborate with local schools and colleges in science, language arts and extracurricular programs; host star parties for a variety of interest groups including family reunions and weddings; and utilize traditional astronomy stories and concepts along with the most up-to-date scientific information to provide educational entertainment for the general public.

Intended learning outcomes for Stellar Vista Observatory in science and language arts include facilitating scientific process and thinking skills, manifesting interest and shaping attitudes toward cultural awareness, understanding important concepts and principles, communicating effectively using language and reasoning and demonstrating awareness of the social and historical aspects of science.

Stimulate Interest in Science

  • Affordable field trip destination for K thru 12
  • After school and summer programs for youth

Hands on Training

  • Operating telescopes
  • Planets, constellations, and deep sky objects
  • Insights into physics and astronomy

Tools for Educators

  • Teacher training in astronomy
  • Telescopes and classroom for teacher use
  • Partnering to enhance college level physics courses