Oct 14

Sky Report: October 16 – 22

Image of Copernicus Crater, courtesy NASA Last week all eyes were on the sun. This is a good week to look at the moon. The first thing you’ll see is billions of craters, sights of impacts of asteroids and comets from the sky which blast out huge basins. The craters were formed when comets and […]

Jun 12

Summer Solstice Star Party – June 21st

Free public star parties are held monthly throughout the year in Kanab, courtesy of the local nonprofit Stellar Vista Observatory. Residents and visitors are invited to experience the stars and bring forth the spirit of wonder as to how it all came to be and where humanity might comprehend itself within the immense and majestic […]

Feb 15

Venus, the Moon & Mars with Jupiter Nearby: Finding Perspective in the Night Sky

Two Evenings with Kanab’s Stellar Vista Observatory: Tuesday, February 21 AND Monday, February 27 Perspective in life is so important. The earlier one can develop it, the more likely one can recognize opportunities embedded within the challenges our daily lives. Indeed, its so easy to lose awareness of our unique position as sentient beings living […]

Jan 14

Sky Report: January 16 – 22

Comet C/2022 E3 should be bright enough to spot with binoculars and possibly even the unaided eye. It made its closest approach to the sun last week and it will be closest to the earth in two weeks, so now and for the next few weeks it’ll be as bright as it will get. Predictions […]

Dec 3

Sky Report: December 5 – 11

Mars headlines the astronomy news this month. It was closest to earth on December 1 and at opposition on December 8. The meaning of “closest” is intuitive, while opposition is when Mars and the sun are precisely 180° opposite in the sky. These two dates would coincide if the orbits of earth and Mars were […]

Nov 19

Sky Report: November 21-27

This week we’re back to planets, with a challenge! Read on. Three bright planets are in the evening sky. Don’t take this for granted – in a few months there will be none. In order of brightness they are Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. Jupiter is the brightest thing in the night sky other than the […]

Aug 29

Sky Report August 30 – September 5

Venus and Mercury both appear in the west shortly after sunset. Venus is brilliant and easy to see for about 90 minutes after sunset, but this is a poor evening appearance of Mercury and you’ll have trouble spotting it. The angle that the plane of the solar system and the path of the planets – […]