Sep 11

2023 Southwest Astronomy Festival Comes to Kanab!

This week on September 15, 16 and 17, the National Park Service, in collaboration with community partners, invites everyone to experience the wonders of the stars at a wide range of activities in southwest Utah’s Washington, Kane and Iron Counties. Participating agencies, communities and organizations include Cedar Breaks National Monument, Zion National Park, Utah Department […]

Sep 11

A Star Party for Grandparents Day!

At this month’s free public star party, compliments of Kanab’s Stellar Vista Observatory, grandparents are invited to bring their grandchildren to Kanab City Library for a laser guided tour of the late summer constellations and a look at the stars, star clusters and even a few nebulae deep in our Milky Way galaxy! For this […]

Sep 9

Sky Report: September 11 – 17

This is a negative map of the sky around Uranus; it’s easier to see stars and planets as black dots on a white background. The faintest stars shown are ½ as bright as Uranus. These planets move slowly so the map is useful all month, and the view spans 35°. Graphic created with Comet […]

Sep 2

Sky Report: September 4 – 10, 2023

The eastern sky 45 minutes before sunrise on September 8th showing the comet, Venus, the moon, and the locations of the constellations. Graphic created with A comet discovered only last month *might* become bright enough to see with the naked eye this week; in any case you should easily see it with binoculars. Named […]

Aug 19

Sky Report: August 21 – 27

Saturn had the same orientation (rings tilted 9° from our line of sight) as this year when the Hubble Space Telescope photographed it in 2011. Raw data courtesy NASA STScI, processed image © Ted Stryk. You might see relatively faint Mars only a few degrees above the west horizon a half-hour after sunset, but eyes […]

Aug 13

Sky Report: August 14 – 20

Since Venus left us a month ago Mars has been the sole planet in the west in the evening sky, and the 18th is probably your last chance to see it until next March. On that night look for the very thin crescent moon, only 6% illuminated, and only 9° above the western horizon 30 […]

Aug 7

Meteor Shower Star Party!

By design, Stellar Vista Observatory’s free monthly public star party in Kanab, scheduled for Saturday, August, 12, coincides with the peak of the 2023 Perseid Meteor Shower! With our moon only 10% illuminated and setting at 6:36 pm, natural darkness will favor the excitement of witnessing “falling stars.” If conditions are clear, one could expect […]

Aug 5

Sky Report: August 7 – 13

Perseid meteors. Credit Rafael Schmall/Universities Space Research Association. Choosing the topic for this week’s Sky Report is simple – the annual Perseid Meteor Shower which peaks on the night of Saturday the 12th and the morning of the 13th – a weekend even! Meteors are bits of dust or rock that came from elsewhere in […]

Jul 29

Sky Report: July 31 – August 6, 2023

What happened to Venus? It was reliably there in the evening sky for months, and then it quickly disappeared. This is easier to understand with a diagram than with words alone, so refer to the diagram which is largely self-explanatory. Venus orbits faster than the earth on an inside track, so it catches and passes […]

Jul 24

Three Planets Line Up!

Friday evening, July 21, treat yourself to the exhilarating experience of looking deep into space at the planets, moon and stars. Each month of the year Kanab’s nonprofit Stellar Vista Observatory (SVO) hosts a free star party for public enjoyment and appreciation of the night sky. Now that mid-summer is here and nights are warm […]