Sep 4

Sky Report: September 6 – September 12

Venus and Mercury shine low in the west after sunset. Brilliant Venus is obvious but Mercury is so near the horizon and sets in twilight that you’ll have a tough time spotting it. The very thin crescent moon, only three days past new and only 12% illuminated by the sun, is just 3° from Venus […]

Aug 29

Sky Report August 30 – September 5

Venus and Mercury both appear in the west shortly after sunset. Venus is brilliant and easy to see for about 90 minutes after sunset, but this is a poor evening appearance of Mercury and you’ll have trouble spotting it. The angle that the plane of the solar system and the path of the planets – […]

Aug 22

Sky Report: August 23 – 29

The first planet that appears tonight is brilliant Venus. Venus sits low in the west as the sky is growing dark and it sets about 90 minutes after the sun. Jupiter and Saturn are rising but still low in the southeast as Venus is setting in the west and you can see both Jupiter and […]

Aug 15

Sky Report: August 16 – August 22

 You can see all three planets that are visible tonight at the same time around 9 p.m. Then Venus is about to set in the west while Jupiter and Saturn have recently risen in the southeast. Venus is by far the brightest and it becomes visible in early evening twilight – or earlier if you […]

Aug 8

Sky Report: August 9 – August 15

This week is the peak of the famous Perseid Meteor Shower and this Sky Report is devoted to it. The planets are pretty much where they were last week. Meteors are quick flashes of light that last for only seconds. The brightest leave smoke trails that can linger for minutes or longer. They fall at […]

Aug 1

Sky Report: August 2 – August 8

All three planets that are visible tonight are in the evening sky. These are Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter. Venus is brilliant low in the west for the hour after sunset where it shines far brighter than any star. You can see Venus well before sunset if you know precisely where to look, and it is […]

Jul 25

Sky Report: July 26 – August 1

After a year of visibility Mars is finally leaving the nighttime sky as it slips behind the sun. It was brilliant last autumn and a fleet of spacecraft took advantage of its close approach to land on and orbit it early this year, but that was then. On the 26th it’s 24° from the sun […]

Jul 18

Sky Report: July 19 – July 25

I focus on things in the sky that change, which is mostly the planets because they move continuously, so let’s start with Venus. Venus is by far the brightest planet (it’s closer to earth than the others and is highly reflective) and you don’t have to wait until late for it to rise. Venus appears […]

Jul 14

Sky Report: July 12 – July 18

© Provided by Daily Mail MailOnline logo Last week all five naked-eye planets were visible, this week we’re down to four, and soon it will be three.The brightest planet is the poetically-named “evening star” – Venus. Look for it in early evening twilight when it’s low in the west. The best time to look is […]

Jul 4

Sky Report: July 5 – July 11

This is the last week until late December that all five naked eye planets will be visible on the same night, so here’s where they are. Venus and Mars are near each other low in the west in the evening sky. Venus is brilliant and you can’t miss it but Mars is only 1/200th as […]