May 26

Sky Watch: Possible Meteor Storm May 30th!

Here’s a link to read a well illustrated article in EarthSky about the meteor storm that could happen over North America this coming Monday night, between 10:45 PM and 11:20 PM, Mountain Daylight Time. It’s a fascinating blend of history and science on meteors and this particular show, the Tau Herculids.

A few active sky watchers from SVO will be at our Zion View Star Field north of Kanab on BLM land if you’d like to join others in watching for it. We’ll be visiting a range of deep sky objects with our telescopes beginning at 9:30 PM, and will keep watch for the meteors, packing up around 11:30 PM to head home. It will be a moonless night, but could be somewhat cloudy. All are welcome!

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