What should I bring to the star party?

  • The most important thing you should bring is curiosity!
  • Warm clothing. Depending on the time of year, we recommend wearing a jacket or coat because it gets cold later in the evenings.
  • Optional: Headlamp or flashlight with a red bulb (red light has a minimal effect on your night vision)
  • Optional: Camp chair or stool
  • Optional: Telescope. If you have your own telescope, feel free to bring it! If you need help setting it up or learning how to use it, we are happy to assist.

What will I see at a star party?

The sky is always changing, so the exact stellar objects vary throughout the year; however, you can expect to see constellations, star clusters, any planets that are visible, the moon (depending on its current phase), and potentially some shooting stars!

I don’t know anything about the stars. Will I still have a good stargazing experience?

Absolutely! At Stellar Vista Observatory, our mission is to help people to enjoy, appreciate, and comprehend what can be seen in the clear night skies of southern Utah. We are so excited to share the beautiful night sky with you.

I had a great time at the star party! How can I get involved?

We’re so glad you enjoyed yourself! As a volunteer team ourselves, we are always looking for more help. If you would like to help with operating a telescope or planning events, email us at info@stellarvistaobservatory.org, and let’s chat! If you are new to the field of astronomy, we are happy to train you and help you build your skills and confidence.

If you would like to support SVO but don’t currently have time to volunteer, we sincerely appreciate donations so we can continue our work. Click here to donate. Also, please make sure to join our mailing list (sign-up at the bottom of the page) so we can keep you informed of events and exciting new developments!

How often do you host public star parties?

We host at least one public star party each month, but sometimes it’s more often because there are a lot of neat things happening in the night sky! Visit our Public Star Parties page to view our upcoming events.

How can I donate to SVO?

Please visit our Donate page to make a secure, tax-deductible donation.

How is my donation used?

Because we are an all-volunteer team, all donations go toward our work in the community, such as building the observatory, purchasing equipment, and public outreach efforts.

Can I donate a telescope to SVO?

We gladly accept equipment donations. That said, some people have telescopes and just don’t know how to use them. If that is the case, feel free to bring your telescope to one of our public star parties, and we will help you set it up and learn how to use it.